SSPP Preschool

You can be a cowboy on the moon
Dig to China with a spoon
Talk to Jesus on the phone
Say I love you all day long
And when you're wrong, you should just say so
I learned that from a three year old
                                         ~Eric Church


Tuesday - Spanish

Wednesday - Library

Thursday - Gym

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During March we will be talking the 40 days of Lent.  Students are going to be practicing being kind to each other.  We will talk about kind "words" to speak and kind "actions"

Students had a great time hunting for the leprechaun and his gold.  Check out all the pictures on the school's Facebook page. The Lucky Charms were a big hit!

Please start reviewing your child's address and phone numbers.  We will begin going over these daily in school. If you haven't sent in the address and phone # you would like your child to learn, please do so.  

I've been trying to send home the worksheets that your child may miss either because they were out sick or because they don't attend school on that day.  Try to help your child do them at home.  IT'S NOT HOMEWORK. YOU DO NOT NEED TO SEND BACK TO ME. I just want to offer you and your child a way to keep up with what happens in school on a daily basis. 

If you notice your child is having difficulty retaining the concepts we've gone over, flash cards are an excellent way to review.  Just a few minutes every day or night.  Don't over quiz your child, just a few numbers, letters, or colors each day. 

Image result for abc clip artMarch

Week of 3-18-19

This upcoming week -

Letter Nn

Shape - Moon (crescent)

Color -

Number 11

4s - write names without tracing

3s - trace first names

Practice address (3& 4s) and phone

numbers (4s)

Writing the letter Nn

Trace and write numbers 1- 20

Count and recognize numbers 1-20

Religion - Lent/ time to be kind

Math - number 11, sorting, patterns,

simple addition

Science - seasons changing, recognizing

change in the weather

Social Studies - Famous Women (March

is Women in History month)

Fine Arts - Letter N art, Easter, Spring

This week -

March 19th wear Red for St Joseph's


March 20th lunch forms are due

March 20th Family Bingo Night

March 22nd No School

  "If you have the power to make someone happy do it.

The world needs more of that"

Mrs. Conway